Xueni (Tong Tong)

Xueni (Tong Tong)


Xueni, aka Tong Tong, is the mascot of Tong Class. Its research interests include cat-object interaction (COI), cat language processing (CLP) and multi-cat systems (MCS).

Address: Tizhai, Peking University

Open Office Hour: Friday to Sunday, 9:00-11:00, 15:00-17:00 CST


  • CatIPS 22 Oral: CatPose: Breed-Level Cat Pose Estimation from Single RGB Image, PDF
  • Scientific Wild: In Situ Bidirectional Human-Cat Value Alignment

Professional Activities

Conference Reviewer

  • 2022: Conference on Empirical Methods in Cat Language Processing (EMCLP)
  • 2021: Asian Conference on Cat Vision (ACCV)
  • 2020: Advances in Cat Information Processing Systems (CatIPS)

Journal Reviewer

  • International Journal of Cat Petting (IJCP)

Publications, conferences and journals listed in this page are all fictitious. Please don’t take them seriously.

  • Cat-Object Interaction
  • Cat Language Processing
  • Multi-Cat Systems