THU Servers

To make sure that you’re capable of using a server for computation, it’s suggested that you go through this guide several stuffs as preliminaries. For more information, please contact Yuyang Li.

Server Status

🟢: Up; 🟡: Under maintain; 🔴: Down; ⚫: Unavailable.

  • Talented Terms (THU Central Building 501)
    • 🟢 adequate accuracy
    • 🟢 bold bayesian
    • 🟢 civil clustering
    • 🟢 dynamic descrptive
    • 🟢 exotic epoch
    • 🟢 factual feature
    • 🟢 grown genetic
    • 🟢 honest heuristics
    • 🟢 ideal inductive
    • 🟢 just jacobian
  • Healthy Harry (BIGAI Server Room)
    • 🔴 smart snape (Maintaining currently blocked by COVID-19)
    • 🟡 lucky lupin (Incompatible CUDA and kernel)
    • 🟢 serious sirius
    • 🟢 daring dobby
  • Polished Peanuts (Thirdparty-maintained)
    • 🟢 certain charlie
    • sweet snoopy
    • legal linus
    • lasting lucy
    • rare rerun
  • Free Fish: Free GPU Resources, please refer to this page.

Apply for an account

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Contact Liangru Xiang or Yuyang Li for account allocation information.

Login to the Servers

Of note, using SSH keys as the login method is a must for remote login for security reasons.

GPU Servers in THU Central Building Room 501

It’s strongly recommended to go to Room 501 to use the machines in person, where you can access not only GUI desktops, but also guidance and help from our TAs.

To access remotely, please use or with specified ports, depending on the machine allocated to you. Please see the internally-shared Google doc or contact the TAs for information. E.g. your username is john, and you’ve been allocated the server appleseed, which in on the port 23333 according to the doc, so you login to the server with:

ssh [email protected] -p 23333

GPU Server in BIGAI Server Room

We currently have 4 GPU servers in BIGAI Server Room: snape, lupin, sirius and dobby.

Direct Connection in BIGAI Network

When you’re connected to BIGAI’s student network (BIGAI-Student) directly, to the BIGAI VPN, you can directly access them with: